How to configure TEST and LIVE websites using different database settings?

All information below is the similar for all Catalina Products.    For ctDynamicsSL, we use DSL prefix instead of OC for the keys.

The database configuration is controlled by the SITEID.
In an OrderCentral website the SITEID is set in the OrderCentral/web.config file.
eg:          <add key="siteID" value="LIVEORDERCENTRAL"/>
                <add key="siteID" value="TESTORDERCENTRAL"/>

This SITEID is passed in the SOAPHEADER to the webservice.
The webservice uses the SITEID passed to lookup all configuration data from the OCCONFIGFILE
The path to the OCCONFIGFILE is configured in the ctOC/web.config file.
eg:          <add key="OCCONFIGFILE" value="C:\\inetpub\\xctFiles\\config\\OCCONFIGFILE.xml"/>

This file can contain any number of SITEIDs, the database connection information is specific to each SITEID.
--This is how you would setup multiple SITEIDs pointing at different servers/databases but using the same web service install (ctOC)

In order to open the OCCONFIGFILE you will need these 2 keys from the OrderCentral/web.config file:
<add key="SITEKEY" value="XXXXXXXXXXXXX" />                           

Details on how to edit the OCCONFIGFILE.XML can be found here: