How to add and edit extensions/item options in the ctAdmin interface.

Below is a Guide to editing Item options (extensions and extension groups) in OrderCentral's ctAdmin interface. Note: Some options will vary from due to customizations. This should be used as a general guide to using the "Extension Group Admin" interface.
  1. Login to the ctAdmin system.
  2. Go to the ExtensionGroup Admin.
  3. To add a New Extension Group (option group: size, color, length, etc) Click the "add new extension group" link:
    1. Enter in a unique key/name for the extension group. And descriptive title (group name).
      • The name field is what is displayed for the user on the website.
      • The ExtensionGroupID must be unique in the system. Recommended: itemID-Type, ie: 0001-COLOR or 0001-SIZE
      • Then click the "Add ExtensionGroup" button to add it to the system.
  4. To Edit an Extension group Name/Title click the "Change Name" link next to the group:
  5. You can now change the name/title that is displayed on the drop down boxes on the site for options.
      • Change the name and hit the "Update Extension Group" button.
      • Note: you can not change the extensionGroupID. If you need to change this, make a new group.
  6. Adding/Changing options for an extension Group.
    1. Click the "Edit Options" link next to the extension group you want to edit.
    2. In the Add/Edit Extension Group screen:
      • The ExtensionID field must be unique. I recommend the naming convention: extensionGroupID + extensionCode
      • The ExtensionName field is what is displayed in the drop down option boxes on the user site. Ie: Blue Red, Large, Small
      • The ExtensionDescr field is optional and not displayed on the user site by default
      • The extensionCode field is the actual extension value that is appended to the itemID to create a Solomon InvtID or AlternateID
      • The ExtensionSortIndex field is the order the options will be displayed on the site (in ascending order)
      • You can add up to 2 new options each time. After clicking the "update extension group" button you can add 2 more until complete.
  7. After you are done making changes to extension groups or extension options you must rebuild the catalog.
    1. Go to the Extension Group Admin screen.
    2. Click the "Rebuild Extensions Data" link.
    3. Click "Ok" on the confirmation box.
    4. 4. The changes should now appear on the user website for all products using those extensions.