What is the bare minimum of information needed to create a new SL customer using saveNewCustomer?

To create a new customer in SL using the ctDynamicsSL.customers.saveNewCustomer(customer object) function the following fields are required.

Customer.CustID = maxlength 15 characters
--Must be unique
Customer.Name = maxlength 30 characters
Customer.ClassId = maxlength 6 characters
--Must correspond to a valid classID from table: custClass
Customer.TaxDflt = maxlength 1 character
--Valid values: A,C
Customer.Status = maxlength 1 character
--Valid values: A,I
Customer.Terms = maxlength 2 characters
--Must correspond to a valid termsID from table: terms

Note: ctDynamicsSL builds post 06/15/2011 support auto population of the custID field using the built-in incrementer functionality.  To inquire about updates please contact your sales representative.