How do I make non-stock kit items explode?

In some versions of the Solomon the non-stock kit items do not explode when OrderCentral hands the order off to Solomon for processing.  If this problem is occurring take the following steps.

To force explosion of non-stock kit items:

  1. Change the following application key in the orderProcessing/web.config file:
    <add key="manuallyExplodeKitItems" value="TRUE" />
    Note: if key does not exist, add it.
  2. Make sure that the xct_spGetBasketBySession procedure is returning the explodeMe (tinyint) column in the 2nd table of the dataset (line items from xctb_basket)
    Use the following logic or replace login with custom paramaters:
    • update #tmpBasket set explodeMe = 1 WHERE kit=1 stkItem = 0
    • update tb set explodeMe = 1 FROM #tmpBasket tb, kit k with(nolock) WHERE tb.kit = 1 AND tb.stkItem = 1 AND tb.invtID = k.kitID AND k.ExpKitDet = 1