Changes required for OrderCentral SL7 Upgrade

  1. Extract the file you received into the /ctapi/services/ folder.
    This should create the following directories:
  2. Copy the web.configs from the previous version of these services to the new directories:
    copy /ctapi/services/orderProcessing/web.config to /ctapi/services/orderProcessingSOL7NET2/web.config
    copy /ctapi/services/customerProcessing/web.config to /ctapi/services/customerProcessingSOL7NET2/web.config
  3. In IIS make the new directories an "Application" and change it to .NET version 2.0
    Note:you can not run different versions of .NET in the same "Application Pool" so you may need to create a new application pool.
  4. Update the OrderCentral/web.config to point at the NEW directory.
    <add key="orderService" value="http://localhost/ctapi/services/orderProcessing/orders.asmx" />
    <add key="orderService" value="http://localhost/ctapi/services/orderProcessingSOL7NET2/orders.asmx" />

    <add key="customerService" value="http://localhost/ctapi/services/customerProcessing/customers.asmx" />
    <add key="customerService" value="http://localhost/ctapi/services/customerProcessingSOL7NET2/customers.asmx" />

This should complete the changes required.

Note: if the solomon client is installed on the same machine as the CTAPI services, you will probably need to also uninstall the DMGs from the Global Application Cache. For instructions on how to do this go here: