MaxQ -Chargeit PCCharge Payment Server integration

OrderCentral has the ability to integrate with MaxQ's ChargeIt system for credit card transactions.

Web.config Application keys for OrderCentral:

<!--def:paymentProcessor The type of credit card processor to use for this installation (MAXQUEUECHARGEIT,VERISIGNMAXQUEUECHARGEIT,VERISIGN,OFFLINE)-->
For complete offline processing:
<ADD value="MAXQUEUECHARGEIT" key="paymentProcessor" />
Note: requires additional COM object: objChargeIt.dll
For online payment verification: (recommended, requires payflow pro account)
<ADD value="VERISIGNMAXQUEUECHARGEIT" key="paymentProcessor" />
Note: requires alternate COM object: objChargeItVS.dll

<!--def:maxQueueChargeItService The url to the web service for handling MaxQ transactions-->
<ADD value="http://localhost/ctapi/services/ctOC/paymentMQ.asmx" key="maxQueueChargeItService" />

Tables used by ChargeIt system:

  • XCCard --Contains saved credit cards, use of saved cards by OrderCentral requires additional COM object: objEncryptCC.dll
  • XCCTran --Contains all credit card transactions
  • XCCException --ChargeIt Log table of exceptions and statuses
  • XCCStuph --ChargeIt general configuration table
  • XCCStupD --ChargeIt configuration table for credit card types

Common problems:

  1. The identity that the maxQueueChargeItService web service runs under needs to have write access to the directory/share configured in the table.column: xccstuph.pcChargePath
  2. Integration of ChargeIT with OrderCentral requires the purchase of the additional component objChargeit.dll. This is not part of the standard ChargeIt installation and is not included with OrderCentral.