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ctDynamicsSL.fieldService.serviceDispatch.maintenance Namespace

Public classserviceEmployeeMaintenance
Service for SL screen: ctDynamicsSL.fieldService.serviceDispatch.maintenance.serviceEmployeeMaintenance Comparable functionality to the SL screen (SD.007.00 and SD.007.01)
Public classserviceEmployeeMaintenancescreen
Class representing the SL screen
Public classsiteMaintenance
Service for SL screen: ctDynamicsSL.fieldService.serviceDispatch.maintenance.siteMaintenance Comparable functionality to the SL screen (SD.025.00) Direct access by developers is supported.
Public classsiteMaintenanceitemScreen
Class representing a single custID/shipToID record from soAddress and smSoAddress Contains myCustomer, soAddress, smSoAddress empty records ready for holding data.
Public classsiteMaintenancescreen
Class representing the main site maintenance SL screen Contains customer record and array of all custID/shiptoID edit screens