Configuring OrderCentral Emails .NET 2.0
   OrderCentral mail server configuration settings in OCCONFIGFILE.
Configuring Credit Card Transaction Types in OrderCentral.
   There are two options for credit card transaction types in OrderCentral. "Direct Sale" or "Delayed Settlement/Auth". These values are configured in the site web.config file.
How to configure email addresses for admin order confirmations in OrderCentral.
   Email confirmations for administrators is configured in the web.config file of the OrderCentral application.
How to install ctOCQueueManager as a windows service.
   The ctOCQueueManager service can be installed/configured as a service using the command prompt program: "sc"
OrderCentral PromoCode Administration screen guide.
   A guide to using the features of the PromoCode administration screen. How to create and edit promo codes in OrderCentral.
Editing and configuring Textblocks.
   Editing and configuring Textblocks.
Digital Downloads API
   Database and Web Service Schema for Digital Downloads in OrderCentral
Configuring OrderCentral to use Fedex Web Services.
   In order to use the live fedex web services with OrderCentral you need to create an account and configure the ctOC web service.
MaxQ -Chargeit PCCharge Payment Server integration
   Details of the configuration, setup and requirements for integrating OrderCentral with MaxQ's Chargeit system.
Major OrderCentral table definitions and key fields
   Listing of the major OrderCentral sql tables, their primary keys and usage.
How to clear the application cache for an OrderCentral website.
   OrderCentral caches some content data on the web server for optimization purposes. This is easily cleared and reloaded a link in the ctAdmin interface.
How to add and edit extensions/item options in the ctAdmin interface.
   A Guide to adding and editing item options/extensions in the OrderCentral catalog using the ctAdmin web interface.
How to add and edit items in the ctAdmin interface.
   A Guide to adding and editing items in the OrderCentral catalog using the ctAdmin web interface.
OrderCentral anatomy and common installation setup. (.NET2 version)
   There are main web components for OrderCentral. Each needs to be in their own directory and ideally should be their own “application” in IIS.
Changes required for OrderCentral SL7 Upgrade
   Installation and setup Instructions to upgrade OrderCentral to SL7 version of CTAPI
Configuring OrderCentral Emails .NET 1.1
   This article details on configuring OrderCentral ASP.NET v1.1.
securityCheck control
   Every .aspx page in OrderCentral requires the securityCheck control to be in place. This handles:OrderCentral Session management, Security Management and SSL requirements.