Report Central™ easy to use web based reporting engine for SQL Server

What is Report Central

Report Central™ is a full featured web application for putting your database reports online and a platform for building other web applications via our extensive API.

Web-enable database reports — Create the interface to Database reports with an easy to use Admin web interface. Allows pointing at any server, database and stored procedure on your network with securely.

Save/Reuse DB settings — ReportCentral can connect to an unlimited # of sql server databases. The web admin has an easy to use screen that allows adding and saving connections for future use.

Output in HTML, CSV, PDF, XML — Reports output can be viewed in HTML, CSV/EXCEL, XML and PDF (3rd party component required for PDF)

  • Web-enable database reports
  • Output in HTML, CSV, PDF, XML
  • Administrate user accounts
  • Add email forms
  • Stream/Download files
  • Save/Reuse DB settings
  • Permissions Admin
  • Add/Remove design elements
  • Built Secure
  • Replace those Cumbersome Crystal Reports
Optional add-on modules

SL Statements Manager

  • Print and automate the sending of statements and invoices to your customers.
  • The SL Statements Manager Add-on allows you to automate statements and invoices generation in a batch method.
  • No longer do you have to send one invoice at a time.
  • Set a search criteria and Report Central will send statement and/or invoices to all of your customers that match the criteria, via email.
  • PDF attachments can also be sent.

Amazon marketplace

  • Sell products through the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Set up search criteria so that you can decide which inventory items you want to make available on the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Report Central formats your inventory in the format for the category you want to sell your products in.
  • Your product list will then be sent, automatically, to Amazon so you can start selling right away.