Order Central Shopping Cart for Dynamics SL

Realtime Dynamics SL Integration

Because Order Central is integrated with Dynamics SL in realtime, there are no delays in receiving orders, pricing changes, order status, etc..

Get your orders fulfilled and notify your customer its on the way quicker and more efficient. This saves you time and money since you don't have to re-key or use troublesome TI jobs.

Built for expansion

Open as many custom branded storefronts as you want. Order Central is able to create multiple B2B and B2C storefronts in one implementation

Order Central is also multi-language, multi-catalog, has complex multi-level categorization and searching, multi-users per customer, and much more.

Customer support built in

Uses customer pricing, terms, shipto addresses, and other information tied to your customer in Dynamics SL.

Save money by allowing your customers to lookup their own order status, view and pay invoices, manage their shipto addresses, etc. without tying up your employees answering phone calls and emails.

Advanced features

Order Central has a plethora of features including: saving shopping carts, order templates, surveys, customizable emails, promo-codes, queuing, advanced security, digital downloads, gift registries, and more.

You can also customize Order Central using ASP.NET so if it doesn't currently do what you want, you can make it happen!

Order Central™ Features
  • B2B and B2C
  • Multi-currency
  • Dynamically Create Customers
  • Outbound Email Communication
  • Shopping Cart
  • Advanced Security
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Storefronts
  • Integrated with Dynamics SL
  • Order Queuing
  • Online Customer Surveys
  • Built on Web Services
  • Multiple Users per Customer
  • Host your store externally
  • Advanced Catalog
  • SL Customer Pricing
  • SL Order History
  • SL Shipper Status
  • Customer Catalogs
  • Order Templates
  • Sell Digital Downloads
  • And even more!
Order Central is also built to be customized. You can use your programmers or use Catalina Technology or one of their partners to modify Order Central to fit your business best.
OrderCentral Server Recommendations and Requirements
   Specifications for server requirements and recommendations to setup and install an OrderCentral system.
OrderCentral Customer Configuration Questionnaire
   Form to be filled out for new OrderCentral installations. Used to specify much of OC functionality and installation settings.
OrderCentral ChangeLog
   Changes and Fixes made to the OrderCentral codebase and included in current OrderCentral core install. Note: may not be part of default installation functionality
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