ctObjects is a set of tools and libraries that all Catalina Technology products are built upon. Due to popular demand we have opened up this technology for stand-alone licensing.

   ctStandardService -- Need to add web service functionality to your .net project? Add it immediately! Our standard web service. This is meant to be inherited for your custom web services or can be used standalone to provide immediate secure sql server access and error logging/diagnostic capabilities.
ctStandardService - Online Programmer's Reference

   ctStandardLib -- Save yourself months of time building a library of core functions using our library for common .net functionality. Includes: hash creation, encryption, xml file configuration, sql server/database connection tools, object serialization methods, diagnostic tools and many more.
ctStandardLib - Online Programmer's Reference

   ctConfigEditor -- Web.config or Application Settings not secure or flexible enough for you? Our config editor uses its own XML file, supports multiple sites/setups in a single file and easy and secure built-in encrypting of values.
ctConfigEditor - Online Tutorial

These tools will enable any .net programmer to quickly add a wide range of well-tested functionality to their .net project.