Manual Installation of ctDynamicsSL

How and where ctDynamicsSL is installed depends on your requirements. For reference purposes please view the Web Service Architecture Overview.

Step 1. Installing The ctDynamicsSL Web Service
1. Extract your file into the destination directory.
--ex: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ctDynamicsSL\
2. Make ctDynamicsSL an "Application" in IIS.
3. Disable the maintain session property.
--Unless needed for something other than ctDynamicsSL
4. Make sure that the "Application" is specified as an Asp.Net 4.0 Application.  
5. Enable 32-bit applications in the Application properties

Step 2. Installing the SQL Objects
  1. Run the sql files in your installation sql directory on the target Microsoft Dynamics SL "App" database.
    1. Run ctDynamicsSL.tables.sql
    2. Run ctDynamicsSL.funcs.sql
    3. Run ctDynamicsSL.procs.sql

Step 3. Configure your ctDynamicsSL web.config file. This file is location in the root directory of the ctDynamicsSL.
ie: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ctDynamicsSL\web.config
Click here to go to the ctDynamicsSL/web.config file documentation page.

Step 4. Configure your ctDynamicsSL XML config file. Click here to go to the ctDynamicsSL/DSLCONFIGFILE file documentation page.
Note: editing of the DSLCONFIGFILE.xml should be done using the ctConfigEditor

Step 5. (Optional) If you were provided the ctapiSample client application. Installation is similar to the ctDynamicsSL web service.
--Extract the ctapiSample project into its own directory.
--Make it an IIS application and configure with the same Application settings as ctDymamicsSL