How to debug business rule errors and other problems (HRESULT) in ctDynamicsSL.

Step 1.  Enable DEBUGMODE in the ctDynamicsSL web service.  This is done by editing the DEBUGMODE application key in the ctDynamicsSL web.config file.
ex: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ctDynamicsSL\web.config
<add key="DEBUGMODE" value="TRUE" />

Step 2.  Verify that the filepath set in the ERRORLOGFILE application key is correct and writeable by the ASPNET account or "everyone".
ex: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ctDynamicsSL\web.config
<add key="ERRORLOGFILE" value="c:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\ctDynamicsSL\\errorLogFile.txt" />

Step 3.  Reproduce the problem you are experiencing involving the ctDynamicsSL webservice.
ex: reload the page, or resubmit the form.

Step 4. Open the file listed in the ERRORLOGFILE key and review the error messages/debugging info in the file.
The file should list debug output of business rules that failed or problems accessing the sql server, etc.

Step 5.  After diagnosing the problem and fixing the errors, make sure to set DEBUGMODE to FALSE.