CTAPI Rest API Http Headers


  • SiteID: must correspond to a CTAPI SiteID setup in the DSLCONFIGFILE.xml. This tells the web service which server/database/configuration to use.
  • CpnyID: must correspond to a valid SL CpnyID for the target database.
  • authorization: the API uses Basic Http authentication.
    1. Username: must correspond to an APIKEY setup in the APIKEYSCONFIGFILE.xml file.
    2. Password: must correspond to the APISECRETKEY setup in the APIKEYSCONFIGFILE.xml file.


  • ActionType:
    1. NEW: returns a blank/default object as a template for new entries.
    2. VALIDATEONLY: when used an Add or Update Post/Put/Patch, this will perform validations on all posted data, but not save any changes.