Account Central User Administration screen guide.

To create and edit AccountCentral users via the admin screens:
1.  Login to the AccountCentral Admin interface.
AccountCentral Admin home
2.  Pull up the User Admin interface.
AccountCentral User Search

To add new users via the admin screen:
1.  Click the "Add New User" link.
AccountCentral Add New User Link
2.  Fill in all Account information fields.
AccountCentral Add User
3.  If you need to lookup or verify the SL custID, click the "Lookup CustID" link.
AccountCentral Lookup CustID Link
3a.  All custId search fields are optional. Then click the "Do Lookup" button.
Note:To prevent extended search time enter in as much data as possible for searching.
AccountCentral Lookup CustID
3b.  Click the "choose" link next to the correct custID.
AccountCentral Choose CustID
4.  If you would like the user to have an automated email sent to them with their account login and password, click the "Send Account Registration Email" checkbox. Note:Email content comes from Email Template "REGISTER".
AccountCentral Registration Email
5.  When all fields are filled out, click the "Register" link.
AccountCentral Register CustID

To edit users via the admin screen:
1.  Search for the user by filling in any of the fields in the User Search screen and clicking on the "Search" button.
AccountCentral User Search
2.  Click on the user you want to edit.
AccountCentral Select User
3.  Change any fields that need to be updated. Then click the "Update" button to save changes.
Note:To keep the password unchanged, leave the password field blank. AccountCentral Edit User
4.  To reset the users password to a new random password an have an email sent to them with their login information, click the "Set Random Password" button.
Note:Email content comes from Email Template "RESETPASSWORD".
AccountCentral Random Password