AccountCentral ChangeLog

Change Log for AccountCentral.
Changes and Fixes made to the Account codebase and included in current AccountCentral core install.
Note: may not be part of default installation functionality


Date Details
03/01/2010 Add ability to send custom sql calls and get a dataset or xmldocument returned
Effected WebService: ctAC.common
New function: ctAC.common.customSQLCall
New function: ctAC.common.customSQLCallAsXmlDocument


Add pay on multiple invoices 
Affected controls: AccountCentral.controls.statementHistory,AccountCentral.controls.makePayment


Add Pay on Invoice

Effected controls: AccountCentral.controls.invoice,AccountCentral.controls.makePayment
New proc: xct_spACGetInvoiceTotals
Affected webservice: ctAC.statements


Add PDF Print view capablility.
New webservice: ctAC.pdf
New page: AccountCentral.streamPDFFromURL.aspx
New web.config option: USEPDFPRINTABLEVIEW
Note: 3rd party license required for either Winnovative HTMLTOPDF or Persits ASPPDF components.