Demos we did at MSDSLUG 2016

MSDSLUG 2016 was an incredible event!

This year, we had an excellent time at MSDSLUG 2016 in San Diego. We got to see alot of familiar faces and quite a few new ones. We also got a chance to show off alot of our existing products as well as some new ones. Our biggest attraction was our comprehensive API for Dynamics SL. This allows developers and mapping engines to easily integrate with Dynamics SL through a common Web API.

For those who didn't make it to our deep dive, below are several videos of the demos we did.

Sales Central: Web Based Order Management for SL

Mobile-Ready web-based order management for Dynamics SL. Manage sales orders, customers, inventory, take credit cards, and more.

Integrate Ebay with Dynamics SL

This is a quick demo of how Catalina Technologies integration tools can automate posting inventory to eBay for sale, retrieving orders from eBay from won auctions or "buy now" orders, and sending shipping information back to eBay when orders ship.

Integrating with SL

Demo we did at MSDSLUG showing how we can integrate IoT devices and using Azure and the Catalina Messaging Engine and Integration Platform, route those messages, along with escalation rules, to CRM ( or Dynamics CRM), ERP (Dynamics SL), messaging (email, SMS, etc), and social media (Twitter). This allows us to be able to create service calls, notify customers of issues, and more.

Build your own Apps

Using Catalina API and Swagger to integrate systems with DynamicsSL. Quick demo showing how to do integration without any code.